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Easytrip Tag (NLEX)

The Easytrip tag provides an interoperable service for payment of toll fees in NLEX. It also comes with an Easytrip Card to be used for electronic payment for road merchant services such as restaurants, car parks and gasoline stations.
Easytrip promotes three unique tags
* Easytrip Tag comes with Easytrip Multi-usage Card ( for class 1 only )

EasyDrive RFID Sticker Tag (Cavitex)

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, EasyDrive is the newest electronic toll payment system in Cavitex. This RFID sticker is fixed installed on the vehicle’s windshield to enable radio frequency communication and pass through the dedicated toll lanes with ease. With EasyDrive, motorists can experience Cash-Less and Queue-Less toll way transaction anytime!
For now Easytrip Services Corporation only promotes class 1 stickers.
  • Easydrive Class 1 RFID Sticker (Wind Shield)

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